What does the future hold in 2014?

This is a guest post from Mama Fig on her thoughts about 2014. Enjoy!

When we get to a certain age, all of us start wondering what the future holds for us! When we are young children we wonder if we will get to grow up, if we are teenagers are thoughts turn to will I be able to go to college and get a good job!

When we enter our late twenties we start thinking of marriage and settling down, and children of our own. In our forty’s and fifty’s we are fortunate if we have wonderful marriages, loving children and we think about the next step and that is will we have enough to retire, and will our health be good enough to enjoy it.

The future is hard to imagine at any age, it is even harder to imagine with all the hate and misery that is in the world today. If a country is fortunate enough to not be at war they are always on the verge of it, or on the edge waiting for someone to ask for their help. War is as they say, hell, but none of us can remember a time when it was not just on the brink of our lives, or a part of our lives.

There is little or no tolerance anymore for things we do not like or that offend us, we are more willing to fight than to make and effort to embrace our fellow man. We all want our way, we all want others to bow to us, and we have no love in our hearts for those that are different than we. How do you win a soul to your way of thinking when you condemn them before you know them?

I could be pessimistic and say the thing I see in the future is a hand on a button, a mind out of control and a future that is no more!

But I will not say that because I do not see that, some may, but I see the silent majority coming out and saving this world, making a difference, lending a helping hand and when one person makes a difference in a life then that person passes it on.

This life is precious, it is the only one we will get, and what we do with it should matter to all of us, so try to do something good today for someone, let’s get it started and see how far it will grow.

Work in a soup kitchen, donate blankets to homeless on the street, pick up a dinner and take it to a shut-in. Care for a homeless animal, or just feed a family for a week that is down on their luck!

My goodness there are so many things we could do to make life better no matter what our age and no matter what our convictions.

So make a difference in 2014!

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