Today’s guest post is from Mama Fig. I struggled with whether or not to share it since often posts can be written for the writer’s benefit rather than the reader and it didn’t deal directly with personal finance. However, the concept of time being precious and using it wisely is a huge part of why so many people focus on getting their financial lives straight. Use your time on earth wisely personal finance friends!

Mama Fig guest post: Time

I often wonder where my life has gone, when you look back on years past you say dang I am this old and cannot remember where all those past years have gone.  Do you ever think about all the things you could have done differently?  The many ways you would have improved your life or changed some of the choices you made, if only you knew how life would turn out?

Things seem right when you are doing them and the choices you make seem like they make pretty good sense until you look back!  Why did I get married and why did I marry that person, why did I not have more than one child, or why did I have so many children?

Questions after questions, we could make ourselves crazy, and many people no doubt have, because no matter how hard we try we cannot go back and change a thing.  Even though the movies make us think that we have the ability to change the past, I believe we live once and then eternity is the result of that life.

I am saying most of this to me, and hopefully it will trigger something in you also, that we will use our remaining years to make a better world, at least make a better community by our actions.  That we will get involved and help someone less fortunate, give of yourself, go visit a friend that needs uplifting!  We can choose to live to ourselves or we can make a resolve to change the rest of our years so that when we our ready to leave this life we can look back on at least some years and say I made a difference.

I look at face book in the mornings to see if my friends have had some life changing event that I need to be aware of, and then I see it, all the garbage people post on that web site, a place where you could uplift someone you choose to make their day even more disparaging.  Think before you write a message or post  a picture that will offend, make those few moments mean something by saying something good and intelligent not just an ignorant picture with even more ignorant words.

Well I hope I have given you cause for thought and that you will make someone’s day a little brighter because of it…


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