Self-Employment Income Update December 2013

Happy New Year my friends! Hopefully your not waking up with Christmas credit card debt and instead are enjoying a wonderful new year full of hope and optimism! Today it’s time for my monthly self-employment income report.

I do this to keep myself accountable and to be transparent. Thank you for reading and helping support my dreams!

Figuring Money Out Blog Updates

Goals for the blog for December were a mixed bag of results.

  • Enter blog into blogger carnivals – YES. Did this! YAY!
  • Increase Alexa Rank to under 400,000 – SORTA. I’m so close! At 404,000.
  • Increase visits to 3,000 – NO. Missed this one. Got close but oopsie, there were holidays!

I did however post some content I’m really proud of last month. My favorite posts from December:

Goals for January:

  • Enter blog into blogger carnivals again!
  • Increase Alexa Rank to under 350,000.
  • Increase visits to 3,000.
  • Write 2 more reviews.

Side Hustles Update

As a reminder, services I’m currently offering:

  • Blog Setup
  • Website/Blog Management
  • Blog Monetization Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Blog commenting
  • Virtual Assistant

If you need help with any of these things, let me know! I’m happy to help.

Self-Employment Goals

Sign on 1-3 new clients. Pass.

Build affiliate income. Pass! I wrote two review posts (Discover It Credit Card Review and Fire Starter Sessions Book Review) that will bring in income. I also went through a few old posts to add affiliate offers where appropriate. I’ve noticed my old writing does not have a focus toward monetizing at all because I truly started this blog for fun and accountability.

Keep doing offline gigs. Pass. I made some offline money but I also am unsure if I want to continue doing this or not.

Same goals for next month.

Business and Other Income in December

So how did I do in December? The numbers please…

  • Website-Related  – $865.00
  • Offline Gigs & Income – $125.00

December Income Total – $990.00

Self-Employment Thoughts

YIKES! This was a very expensive month for me so it sucked to not have a huge income coming in this month. I can’t believe I didn’t even crack the $1,000 mark for the month. That’s pretty lame.

To be honest though, I didn’t work as hard as I could have. There were a lot of distractions throughout the month. There were a lot of times where I should have been working but took the day off instead because friends and family were in town and they wanted to do something. I didn’t work hard because I was definitely in “vacation” mentality since everyone else was too.

I can’t survive on less than $1,000 a month so this is definitely problematic. I will have to either get a job or work really hard in January to bump up my self-employment income to a liveable level. Since my expenses are low, I’m not that far off, but I do need to earn about $1,500 a month for this to be a realistic plan for my survival. That’s not much, right?

This month I plan to work a bit harder EVERY DAY. I don’t plan to take days off and I plan to set hours of focus time aside to work on this blog and other projects.

I hope to pick up some staff writing gigs and will be lowering my normal price just to get more volume going. Since I’m a newbie and I need the money I think this will work out well for everyone. If you need a writer for your blog, let me know!

So that’s the month in review. It’s not super excited right now but I still hope to one day be earning at least a decent wage by doing this. I know it’s possible by seeing people like Michelle, Holly, and Jeff make it happen. If they can do it, I can do it!

Until next month, it’s time to hustle!


  1. says

    December was a rough month for me too. I was sick for so long I really couldn’t do much at all and it really frustrated me. Fortunately I’m feeling better and I think I will be able to get a lot done this month. Even though I’m doing a lot of catch up work, it’s all good. Anything is better than being sick in bed! Best of luck on your Jan goals and happy new year!

  2. says

    I think you have a great plan to keep that online income on the upswing. The blog management services that you are getting into can be very lucrative (so I hear).

    Don’t get too hung up on December, however.. It can be a tough month for most people.


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