Dentist Appointment Drama

The following is a guest post from Mama Fig.

Today I tried to make an appointment for my younger son, who is still in college working part time, with a dentist.  I thought how simple this must be, he is covered under my Blue Cross, so I have nothing to worry about even if he has to have a filling or two.  My insurance pays pretty well like 35 dollars on a filling, and how much can they be, when I got mine years ago they were like 45 to 60 dollars.  Oh my goodness have times changed, she said they start at 160 and go up depending on how much the decay is, as if that was not bad enough they want full payment at the time of service.  He is a student with a part time job clearing around 175 a week.

Is it me or has the world gone to hell in a hand basket, what in the world could have driven the cost of dentistry to this level.  Greed, maybe, but how much does a person have to make to be happy, do young people have to suffer with bad teeth because they cannot afford to go to a dentist.  I always took them to the dentist when they were young and the BCBS paid for just about everything, now we have to pay the difference, on a tooth filling that would be around 125 or up, per filling!

Is it going to get better under this new Obama care, or is it just going to be young people getting less than adequate insurance just to keep from breaking the law and being fined. There is no dental coverage under the basic plan; it is just to keep you from filing bankruptcy if you happen to have to go in the hospital.  If they are going for a socialist program to cover everybody with insurance why not take it all the way like Sweden or other foreign countries, where you pay almost all your income in taxes and get all the benefits for fee.  They really do have medical care for everyone and everyone is treated the same, usually make the same and no one is rich and no one is poor, just all middle class.  This country use to be a place where “hard work paid off” but now all it does is make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

I am sorry but a good program would have supported young people until they were in a full time job where they could afford health insurance, and dental insurance, or work for a company that provides it for them.

There is just little or no incentive for young people to try to do better when all they see in their future is gloom and doom.  I just pray some of this will straighten out soon and we as a country can get back to the principles that made us a super power, one who still believes in these words, “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” then maybe we can get it right.


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    Unfortunately I’ve been dealing with dental fees for the past few months. I wasn’t covered under insurance, but my boyfriend was. He had a badly chipped tooth, and needed some fillings on top of that. I believe they ended up doing a root canal and capping the tooth. The total was $1,100. After that, they estimated what other work he needed to get done, and came up with $3,500, not including the oral surgery he would have to get done. Ridiculous!

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    I recently went to a new dentist and they wanted my copayment 7 days before the appointment. Seemed a little outrageous to me.


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