Carnival of Personal Finance

Hello! Welcome to the first time I’m hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance. Forgive me if I completely messed it up! I’m an underachieving overachiever!

Carnival of Personal Finance Editor’s Choice Picks

All jokes aside, the theme of overachievement is what was running through my mind when I read all these great submissions and picked my favorites.

  • Pauline from Reach Financial Independence presents How I graduated college with savings. She wasn’t like most students and was able to graduate with savings. Overachiever! Honestly I think it’s a great thing to achieve in college and I hope other students who want to achieve great things and get a college degree without debt.
  • Marissa from Thirty Six Months presents Why You Should Start Buying Your Christmas Presents in January. I read this post before it showed up as a submission and I remember thinking how it’s such a great idea to start buying presents early… those overachievers!
  • Holly from Club Thrifty presents Starting an Online Business for Fun and Profit. Holly shares the benefits for starting an online business and gives everyone an idea of why it’s a great idea. As someone trying my own hand at an online business I loved this post and I love everyone who is ambitious enough to try doing something big online!
  • Harry Campbell from The Four Hour Work Day presents What’s Wrong With the Bare Minimum?. On the flip side of the achievement coin is the idea of just doing the bare minimum. Sometimes it’s okay to not be the best or even want to be the best. You can still achieve quite a bit and Henry shows us how he has done so with this attitude.

Carnival of Personal Finance Submissions


  • Mitchell Pauly from Snarkfinance presents Politically Correct Workplace Jokes… Terrible Humor Gone Wild, and says, “A funny look at the humor we often experience at work… and how terrible it is.”
  • Pauline from Make Money Your Way presents Relocating for your career: is it worth it?, and says, “I am writing about relocation to a new town or country to improve your career. Is it worth it?”
  • Miss T. from Prairie Eco Thrifter presents Want Better Productivity? Stop Multi-Tasking!, and says, “Instead of trying to multi-task, the research suggests that you might be better off focusing on one thing at a time. If you focus on one task, you are more likely to get it done faster, and do a better job with it.”
  •  Sam from The New Business Blog presents The Secret to Hiring Excellent Talent, and says, “Here is a newsflash that many entrepreneurs might not want to hear; it is almost impossible to build a successful business or start up by yourself. Also, it is not the best idea to hire a group of friends or family to help you as usually this ends and family problems and ended friendships.”


  • Charles from Getting A Rich Life presents Why Do You Choose Material Items Over Your Loved Ones?, and says, “The average indebted American chooses to spend more than they earn. They have chosen an indebted lifestyle over precious time with family.”
  • Syed from The Broke Professional presents Turn Lifestyle Inflation into Savings Inflation, and says, “Lifestyle inflation is when your expenses increase over time but your assets don’t. It can destroy your finances very quickly. But what about turning that 180 degrees and inflating your savings/assets over time?”
  • Harry Campbell from Your PF Pro presents My Costly Wedding Mistakes (and How You Can Avoid Them), and says, “”If you’re like that poor young woman in the photo that went viral a few weeks ago, you’re probably glad “engagement season” will be over soon. Don’t get me wrong: getting engaged is fun and exciting time in someone’s life.
  • Alexa from Single Moms Income presents 10 Cheap Ideas For Keeping Young Kids Entertained, and says, “Any parent of toddler to preschool aged kids knows that keeping kids this age entertained requires constant attention. And, I prefer to spend a little money so I can save myself from playing hide and seek for hours on end.”
  • Paula Wethington from Monroe on a Budget presents If being ill isn’t enough, the costs of flu can add up, and says, “A few minutes spent working out a financial game plan when you or a family member becomes ill can help limit the hit to your pocketbook.”
  • Pauline from Savvy Scot presents New year financial boot camp: save on transportation costs, and says, “Do you use your car every day when you could take the bus or walk? Do you have two cars or more? Today, let’s look at how we can save on the transportation costs.”
  • Jason from The Money Makers presents Tootsie ? Does Beauty Have to be Expensive?, and says, “Many remember Dustin Hoffman dressed in drag in the classic film Tootsie, a movie that he now says made him realize how many women he”
  •  eemusings from NZ Muse presents RTW budget: A six month recap, and says, “What we spent to travel the world for six months.”
  • Daniel from Make Money Make Cents presents It’s time to stop trying to keep up with the Joneses, and says, “More than likely you have heard the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” more than a few times in your life. What it refers to is the phenomenon of using your neighbors as a standard for which to compare your own life and material goods.”

New Year Musings

  • Natalie from Debt and the Girl presents January Financial Housekeeping, and says, “Now is the time where we all experience a financial hangover. We have had all too many gingerbread lattes and peppermint chocolate bark.”
  • Larry from KrantCents presents How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions and Much More!, and says, “Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions is easy! If it is so easy, why do so many people break them every year?”
  • Andrea from So Over This presents A New Year Brings New Beginnings, and says, “It is officially 2014, and with that comes a sobering hangover from the holiday binge spending! Sure we read the how-to tips on saving money during the holidays, but do we actually follow them?”  


  • Carrie Van Brunt-Wiley from Home HQ presents The 2014 Experts’ Guide to Saving At Home, and says, “Some of the top personal finance bloggers on the web came together to create this inforgaphic featuring some of their favorite ways to save money around the house. I thought this would be a great fit for I realize you would like exclusive rights to publishing this, so please let me know if you are interested.
  • Justin from Edward Antrobus presents Insuring Your First Home, and says, “Are you looking to buy your first home in the near future? If so, then congratulations are certainly in order! Being a first-time home owner can be an extremely rewarding experience.”
  • Marissa from Finance Triggers presents The Perks of Living in the Suburbs, and says, “More and more people are moving are looking to move out of the city core, find out The Perks of Living in the Suburbs.”

Personal Finance Basics

  • Ray from Squirrelers presents 15 Steps on the Path to Financial Freedom, and says, “Financial freedom is a goal for many of us, and it takes a concerted effort to make it happen. This post shares 15 steps on the way there.”
  • saverspender from Save. Spend. Splurge. presents 10 Steps to Get out of Debt, and says, “How to get out of debt in 10 steps.”
  • Jack from Money Saving Ethics presents Quick and Easy Solutions to your Money Resolutions, and says, “If you are keen on starting off 2014 with some financial resolutions, the first thing that you should do is set up some systems to help you do them faster and easier.”
  • Emily from Evolving Personal Finance presents Our Best (Pain-Free) Money-Saving Moves, and says, “We have made five painless life changes in recent years that have each resulted in hundreds or thousands of dollars of saving per year.”
  • Lily from Paying Debt Down presents Top 2014 Money-Saving Tips, and says, “With 2013 coming to a close many people are looking towards 2014 and finally becoming financially independent. The fact is however that while 34% of us set financial goals, only 8% of us actually reach them, at least according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology that was done by the University of Scranton.”
  • Monica from Monica On Money presents How To Take Charge Of Your Money, and says, “Do you remember your New Year’s Resolution? Was it to Get Out Of Debt? Or Save More Money?”
  • Amy from Money Mishaps presents Little-known Facts about Social Security Benefits, and says, “Many Americans truly have no idea how Social Security works besides the very basic information.”
  • Matt from Budget Snob presents The Good news about your Credit Score, and says, “Whether it is the interest you pay on your mortgage, your ability to get a car loan or being able to get a credit card with an excellent APR, your credit score, and making sure that it is a good one, is vital.”
  • Sustainable PF from Sustainable Personal Finance Blog presents Would You Use an Alternative Currency?, and says, “One of the first rules of investing is that you need to have a degree of diversity in your assets. That way, if something goes wrong with one asset class, you will have another asset available to pick up the slack. But how does that work if most of your assets are denominated in a specific currency?”


Thanks for submitting y’all! 



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