Bits & Pieces 8/27/11

  • I’ve been busy lately. But who hasn’t? Hello weekend blogging and blog reading.
  • I built my emergency fund back up with my last (late) paycheck. I guess having a easy $500 emergency fund is easy to replace now that I’m employed. I really want to start working on raising that level and get it up to a $5000 emergency fund. Or $1,000 – $2,000 at the very least with the 5k goal to be longer term.
  • My fiance and I talked about how we will split chores when married. I was given the task of handling the money because it’s something I’m more comfortable with and actually somewhat enjoy. I hadn’t realized until now that paying bills and handling the money actually is a chore. But it is, even if I make it fun for myself.  I now feel less bad about never wanting to do dishes – ever.
  • Want a 100,000 a year job? Apparently Cheap Sally is offering one up.
  • I’m not sure if I would want a $100k salary. I’m so used to struggling I don’t know what I would do with all that money.
  • I’m itching to get started paying off my student loans. They were deferred until this month but now that I have to actually pay them monthly I want to pay them off as soon as possible. I need to wait until our lives are more settled but I’m ready to get those paid off!
  • This video about the national debt, which I saw first on Man vs Debt’s blog, is awesome. I want to make everyone I know what it so they will understand what has been going on.

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