Bits & Pieces 4/25/12

  • When writing the date for this post I started with a 7. Where did that come from? I know I never get dates right but I’m way off the mark there.
  • Though my employer was paying me late for a while they’ve since picked up their game. No late payments and they’ve even paid for some “perks” to keep me. I guess I’m just super awesome, right? I’m staying for now.
  • Speaking of being really awesome at my job, I’ve been there almost a year. At a year I’m hoping to negotiate a raise. I totally deserve it. ;)
  • Should kids have to take a minimum wage job when they’re teens? I say yes. I know too many people that get to the age of 22 or older without having worked at all. It’s pathetic really. I think as soon as kids turn 16 they should get a job. I did.
  • This reader profile on Free Money Finance made me feel like such a slacker! I’m roughly the same age but so far behind them. Comparison is a bad trap.
  • This is the best retirement calculator I’ve found.
  • I like playing with retirement calculators but honestly I’ll never retire. If I’m able I want to work in some capacity forever. Even if that means I’m a Walmart greeter. ;)



  1. says

    I absolutely agree that once kids reach 16 they should get their first job and work it for minimum wage. It teaches them a valuable lesson that money is not easy to earn. I think everyone at some point should have worked in retail and in food service, I have and was a great way to earn some spending cash, and now I have a whole new respect for my waitress, cashier and delivery guy.

  2. says

    i have to agree on the minimum wage thing for teenagers.. i worked a couple of those jobs when i turned 16, and it was a great experience to get paycheck and decide what i wanted to do with it..

    i don’t think i really understood the value of money until that point..

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