Bits & Pieces 126

  • Forgive me for the inconsistent blogging lately but I’ve had no computer. Blogging from an old ipad just doesn’t work so I had to wait until my work purchased me a new computer to use. Luckily, I finally got one and am now allowed to finally get back to work… and blogging.
  • I wrote about using ReadyForZero to pay off car loans faster and am happy to report I’ve upped my principle payments on my car note. It does suck a bit every month to pay extra but I’m happy knowing I’ll get it paid off way before 5 years.
  • Another change from my new budget: I reduced my car insurance from $118 a month to $98 a month. It doesn’t seem like a lot but I’m happy to save that $20 a month! I have the same coverage just with a different company.
  • It’s summer time! Do you know the best items to buy during summer? I’m looking forward to buying furniture for my new place next month.
  • Despite it being summer time, I’ve been leaving my air off in my house during the day and turning it on when I get home. I’m hoping my utility bill is not nearly as high as I was told the average bill was for previous tenants. Luckily my house seems to stay cool with very little air though that might change in coming hot months!
  • Somehow I’ve managed to cluster my biggest recurring payments (rent, car note, car insurance) on the same week of the month. It’s going to be a very tough week for my paycheck!
  • Great post from Broke Rich Girl on how to get hired.
  • Bridget shared a wealth building cheat sheet for newbies.
  • According to this post from Free Money Finance the most effective way to achieve wealth is consistent saving.


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