Balance Transfer Offers – Transfer Your Christmas Credit Card Debt

Unfortunately Christmas sometimes pushes people into credit card debt. We get caught up in the spirit and end up spending more than we really should and in January we have to face up to the debt  hangover.

It’s not what Christmas should be about but that’s another story. The reality is: Christmas credit card debt happens. The real question is what to do about it.

My Experience With Credit Card Debt Balance Transfers

A few years ago when I was paying off my own credit card debt, I used balance transfers to help make it possible.

My main credit card had a 24% interest rate on it so it felt like my payments never helped reduce the balance. I would make a payment but felt like I was making no progress at all. After a few months of being stuck I decided to look into some credit card balance transfers. I knew that if I found a good offer, I could move my money to a card that would charge less interest so I could make progress on paying off my credit card debt.

Ultimately that is exactly what I did and transferring my balance to a lower interest credit card allowed me to get a jump on the debt. I ended up paying off over $5,000 worth of credit card debt using that method.

In my experience, using credit card balance transfers was vital to my success in becoming debt free.

Great Credit Card Balance Transfers 

If you have found yourself with more credit card debt than money, perhaps you should consider a balance transfer. It can help you save money and get a jumpstart in paying off your debt.

The balance transfer offers below are available right now and can help you out a ton, especially if you are currently facing super high credit card rates.

Balance Transfer Details:

Select an offer and apply for a balance transfer. Once your debt has been transferred, pay more than the minimum every month to take advantage of the low rate. Aim to pay off the balance as quickly as you can!

Getting a 0% interest rate on your balance with a balance transfer can really get you headed in the right direction. It will save you a lot of money that normal interest rates of credit card debt can pull from your bank account.

If you have any questions about these offers or how to use balance transfers to help out with your situation, please contact me. I love helping other people get out of debt and this is just one more tool that can help you accomplish it!

I hope these offers help you with your debt and lead you to becoming debt free.


  1. Kane Clark says

    Nice post ! It’s really wise step to transfer your high interest credit card debt to a low interest credit card and save a huge percentage of amount from your debt. I was also in a similar situation and have a good experience from that. However, I used few more tactics which is an other part of the story :)

    • Fig says

      Yep! It’s a great tip along with others to make a dent in the debt. It’s a great way to set yourself up for success!


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