6 Money-Saving Hacks Every College Student Should Know

Today’s guest post is all about saving money in college!

Being a student is an expensive time of your life. With minimal money coming in, it’s more important than ever to watch the money going out. That’s why every student needs ways to save money. Check out these quick and easy money-saving hacks:

Get a To-Go Cup

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Eliminate those expensive coffee shop visits with a to go cup. Either make your own coffee or use your cup at the cafeteria but any way you look at it, to-go cups are less expensive than coffee-house coffee. As an added bonus, you’ll be saving the environment by not using disposable cups.

Pay Your Bills On Time

While avoiding those annoying creditor calls is one reason you’ll want to pay your bills on time, it also costs you less money. You probably know that many companies assess late fees and interest charges if a bill is not paid on time, but it can also affect your credit. If your credit score takes a tumble because of late payments, you won’t be eligible for the lowest interest rates on things like car loans and mortgages. What seems like only a few extra dollars now could end up costing you thousands down the line.

Split Your In-Class Time

Online courses are generally less expensive and more flexible than traditional on-campus classes. Online courses are a great way to stretch your tuition dollars. If you’re one who has to work full time or has an extremely busy schedule, splitting up your in-class time will be a huge factor in getting your degree. For example, if you’re going to school for nursing, it can be an incredibly stressful profession, and nurses tend to work long hours that span through weekends and holidays. Thankfully, online nursing programs offer flexible schedules that allow students to cultivate their various abilities. This way you can split your time between volunteering with hands on programs and getting your degree via online simultaneously.

Use Your Library Card

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The library has more than just books and your metropolitan library is a great place to check out music and videos for free. Just make sure you return them on time. You don’t need late fees.

Take the Road Less Traveled on Spring Break

Traditional Spring Break locations are expensive because the demand is high. If you have to get away, look for places off the beaten path and not as warm. For instance, a plane ticket from Oregon to Florida can be as high as $700 over Spring Break; a ticket to Oregon from Florida, about half that price.

Use Your Abilities

In addition to being more careful with your money, there are also ways to earn some. Since finding a traditional job and scheduling classes around it poses difficulties for the average student, using your talents and creating your own side business on the Internet is a great way to earn a little extra money. If you’re good with the Internet, help people sell things through an online auction site like ebay. If crafts are more your thing, sell your wares on Etsy. If you’re in computer science or design, market your skills as a web designer. As a student you’ll make less than an established professional in the field but that’s a selling point for many small businesses.

Being a student is a time for frugality. Cutting costs doesn’t have to mean giving up on pleasures. It just means finding creative ways to do them.


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    Paying those bills on time can be a challenge for the student on the go, but it is well worth it! Using things like automatic payment is a great way to ensure no foolish missteps lead to damaged credit.


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